Ms. Zukie 

Alison Matute, aka Mrs. Zukie, is a contemporary artist & muralist from NYC and the creator and designer of the gender fluid Zukie character that appear on both murals throughout New York City and merchandise all over the world. Zukies generate emotions through visual thoughts to create an emotional bond with others and organically generate rainbows. Mrs. Zukie has participated in art shows and charity events worldwide to share her work and meet fans. Mrs. Zukie started drawing at the age of 5 and since then never put down her pencil.

Sugar Shadow


Nerdy Thursdays 8.08.19

Channeling Nzinga

March 28th | Black Gotham Experience | 6pm-9pm

Join us Thursday March 28th for Channeling Nzinga: a celebration of the Divine Feminine. Queen Nzinga of Angola is a prominent figure in our Other Side of Wall Street Walk, that honors this woman who is considered the greatest recorded warrior queen. We are channeling her strong Divine Feminine Energy and her Warrior Spirit in honor of Women’s History month. That energy will be channeled with a conversation of women artists and creatives who manifest that same spirit through their work and for their people.

Janelle Naomi hosts a conversation with:

  • Janae Sumter | Artist | @janaesumter
  • Kadiatou Coulibaly | Cosplayer + Creative | @kadiii_batamochii
  • Kstarhair | Hair Care Guru |  @salonhairapymalden
  • M’shari | Artist | @uniquelywiredm   
  • Nay Marie | Publisher + Writer | @tajimagazine
  • Sabrina (Bri) Labossierre | Creative Strategist Organizer | @bri_bossy


Celebrate Black History Month with a performance by our very own Berry for her second performance of Sugar.Water.Fire Berry will be joined by musician Asante Amin (Tut) of Soul Science Labs followed by a talk back with Kamau Ware. Sugar.Water.Fire. is inspired by the history that Berry shares as a guide of Black Gotham Experience. This piece is the first commissioned work by Black Gotham Experience and premiered at the 2017 River To River Festival.

This performance is presented by Battery Park City Authority. Space is limited. RSVP today.


magnetic resonance

Feb. 2nd | Brooklyn Museum | 7:30pm-9:30pm

Magnetic Resonance draws inspiration from the Soul of a Nation exhibition for a participatory artistic endeavor through a series of simultaneous happenings. Participants become art and artifact in a social gathering that brings a lens on the moment to create images that exhibit the Soul of our Nation today. Music, imagery, and style braid to create a soulscape, a portal, a continuum of Blackness as an aesthetic and source of power. Photography Portrait Studio with Kamau Ware; Styling by Charles Johnson; Music by GoodWill, P.U.D.G.E., and DJ Rimarkable; Video collage by Kearaha Bryant; and a few special guests.