nerd ball

Wednesday, June 27th | 7pm – 11pm

Thank you for supporting our inaugural Black Gotham Experience Nerd Ball honoring social advocate, Saada Ahmed and architect, Rodney Leon. The dress code was geek chick and in addition to the impressive style the evening featured a history-inspired dinner, libations, music, and an after party.

There were more than a few people who were not able to attend the dinner because tickets sold out early but want to contribute to our work celebrating the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City. There is a donation below the picture gallery if you are able to support our fundraising efforts. This link will stay on this page until July 7th. Thank you!

(L) Architect Rodney Leon (R) Social Advocate Saada Ahmed

(c) Erika Kapin Photography

Dinner | 7-9pm | honoring Saada Ahmed and Rodney Leon

After Party | 9-11pm | music by dj frei speech

This year has already been amazing as we reflect on 2017 which included a large-scale public art display in the Financial District, the launch of our studio space in the Seaport District and speaking engagements across the country. With your support we will continue to build in 2018 with a new strategic focus on the intersection between art and history. Your support will help push our trajectory forward as our impact reaches New Yorkers from 3rd grade students to retired professionals. We have exciting new plans we will share at the Nerd Ball on the additional programming we have in the works to celebrate the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City.

Nerd Ball Chairpersons |  Antonio Martinez & Jason Rosario



The inaugural Black Gotham Experience Nerd Ball honored two important creative figures in contemporary New York City – Saada Ahmed and Rodney Leon.

Honoree – Social Advocate, Saada Ahmed

Saada image (Kamau Ware/photography x William Ellis/illustration)

Saada Ahmed is a social advocate who is the co-founder of Everyday People that hosts day parties that celebrate community, music, activism, and wellness. She also created a platform to propel discussion, essays, and poetry called Brothers & Sisters. Saada Ahmed is of Somalian descent.

Honoree- Architect, Rodney Leon

Rodney image (c) Kamau Ware 2018

Rodney Leon is the founder and principal of Rodney Leon Architects PLLC. He is the architect of the African Burial Ground in Lower Manhattan, which is a National Monument. He is also the designer of the “Ark of Return”, the permanent memorial to the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade at the UN. Rodney Leon is of Haitian descent and lives in Brooklyn.

In honoring these two designers of spaces with Experience Awards, we celebrate the continuing impact of the African Diaspora on New York City.



Check back on July 6th for more images. Thanks to our amazing photographer, Erika Kapin.