Nerdy Thursdays_May 25 2023

Seeding Ceremony | 6.10.23 

Spring Keynote : Reclaiming Land | 6.20.23

Drink & Draw | 06.09.23


BGX Walks brings you into the Harlem Renaissance. Kuzaliwa is a suite of creative works by the Black Gotham Experience that reflect upon the legacies of the Harlem Renaissance in the twenty-first century. Grounded by physical spaces in Harlem, connections within African diasporic culture Kuzaliwa emphasizes noting the relevance of Black creativity and political awakening on the island of Manhattan. We highlight Harlem as a space of flourishing Black culture and artistry unbounded by the narrow confines of historic eras. In naming this celebration “Kuzaliwa,” a Swahili word meaning “birth,” we also embrace Harlem as a place of encounter and imagination for thinkers and artists from across the African Diaspora.

Our public walks are listed, to book a private group experience, please contact

Our public BGX Walks are organized in Fall, Spring, and Summer seasons which include special events such as open studios, talks, and exhibitions. Our current season is BGX Spring 2023.