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Land of the Blacks Walk

Black Resilience Archive

FIGHTING DARK is a Black Gotham Experience (BGX) film co-produced by Kamau Ware and Hopi Noel Morton, commissioned by The Shed to highlight racial violence and Black resilience in New York City. The central question in FIGHTING DARK is directed toward Black people living in the United States of America: What have you learned from Black resilience?

We are looking to include voices in two ways including a photo events celebrating Black resilience. 

How to participate.

A) Join the Black Resilience Photo Events to express what Black resilience looks like with style. RSVP or use this Doodle Poll. We will gather at the following locations and times.

  • Saturday November 7th | 1-3pm | Crown Heights, BK
  • Wednesday November 11th | 1-3pm | Grand Army Plaza, BK
  • Saturday November 14th | 9am to 3pm | BGX Studio (Lower Manhattan)

B) Email a 30 second recording of what you have learned from Black resilience to projects@staging2.kamauw1.sg-host.com. Please include your full name, where you were born, and where you live now.

FIGHTING DARK is inspired by Howardena Pindell’s latest exhibition at The Shed, Rope/Fire/Water. In this powerful work, Pindell recounts personal anecdotes and anthropological and historical data related to lynchings and racist attacks in the United States.

before belonging

before belonging is our first audio walking tour, commissioned for Open House New York Weekend 2020. The walk is seven stops along Broadway from Bowling Green to Duane Street, narrated by Kamau Ware.

Let us know what you think!

On Display-Black Spaces


Thursday May 21st 6-7pm | @blackgotham | @weeksvilleheritagecenter
Join us for a conversation about the @allartstv All Arts “On Display” Episode 4: Black Spaces.
Produced and hosted by Stephanie Johnson-Cunningham, Episode 4 looks critically at how organizations like the Weeksville Heritage Center and Black Gotham Experience celebrate and preserve Black spaces.
Rob Fields and Kamau Ware will be in dialogue about the episode and the implications for Black spaces in the time of COVID-19 as well as field questions from the interdisciplinary collective BlackSpace.
Brett Banks whose exhibition was on display in the episode will speak with Kamau Ware about preparing for the next normal with creativity and love.