Friday December 13th 2019

Dear Friends:


Saturday August 28th 2010 Black Gotham Experience (BGX) was born on the steps of New York City’s Federal Hall. It was the perfect day for the first of many walks tracing and illustrating the impact of the African Diaspora on shaping New York City. A history denied by the public square and redacted from the consciousness of Gotham. A history, I was excited to share since being challenged by the question of a middle school girl in the spring of 2008: Where were the Black people?”

Those first 9 or so friends gathered that Saturday on Wall Street, were the beginning of what is now over 5,000 people who have walked with us. Over the years you have joined us on empathetic, imaginative journeys that have been sustained by a community that is intergenerational, global, unified by a love of story, and ready to face the past that is present in our lives. You may be one of our kickstarter backers from 2015.  You may have met us at a Nerdy Thursdays event from New York to Paris. You may have been at one of our talks from Yale to New Orleans. Wherever we met, you have taught us with your questions as much as we have enlightened you with our experiences. You have sustained and inspired our work.

Next year, we will celebrate our tenth year with a focus on our fundamentals. Continuing to improve our walks, complete our projects, deepen the connectivity we have with our community, share more media, and highlight our BGX Members. Our online hub will be which will go live December 26th at 11am. 

We have a lot to be grateful for, have learned many lessons, and have much more to accomplish. We improve the world by remembering together. We look forward to turning 10 with you. We begin again – together.


Kamau Ware

Black Gotham Experience, Founder