EXPERIENCE: Walking Notes

GUIDE: Kamau Ware

In-Person Sessions: meet up at Kamau Studios (Dumbo) 20 Jay St. BK, NY 11201

Investment: $220 (three sessions) | 12pm – 1:30pm

  • Saturday October 14th 2023
  • Saturday October 21st 2023
  • Saturday October 28th 2023

Virtual Sessions: via Zoom

INVESTMENT: $111 (three sessions) | 7pm – 8pm

  • Tuesday October 10th 2023
  • Tuesday October 17th 2023
  • Tuesday October 24th 2023


Big Picture

Walking Notes is a course that creates a circle of walkers to explore new worlds by walking in the one we share. Participants will travel a course to learn three simple steps that will open the mind and heart to the energy infused in places and bodies that reveal greater potential in the casual walk. These sessions will provide practical notes on how to walk as a means of research and how to create your own walks.

The first Walking Notes course was offered in January 2022 and was completely virtual due to the fast-spreading OmiCron strain of covid. We are delighted to offer a second offering of Walking Notes that will be a collaboration between Black Gotham Experience and Kamau Studios, with both in-person and virtual sessions this October. This course is intended for the creative curious traveler; preparing you for personal explorations and new ways to engage with people, places, and memory. In-person sessions will be limited to 23 walkers.


About the Guide

Kamau Ware is an award-winning visual artist and storyteller based in New York City. Kamau creates new narratives about the African Diaspora’s history through photography, films, exhibitions and events. Kamau has become widely sought after for his work as an artist / historian. He has been commissioned to create original works by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Apollo Theater, the Mile Long Opera, the Public Design Commission, The Shed, Creative Time, and has new works in progress with the Morris Jumel Mansion, Lincoln Center, Tenement Museum, and The New York City Landmark Preservation Commission.

Kamau has spoken at the New York Historical Society, the Public Theater, Yale University, and the Municipal Archive in Amsterdam. He has developed classes, tours, and workshops for NYU, Columbia University, the New School, and K-12 schools across New York City. His work has been featured in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Atlas Obscura, Hyperallergic, Curbed, ABC, and NBC.


Back Story from the Guide

In November 2013, I started meditating 5-7 days per week as a way to calm anxiety. Ten years later and meditation has served me well as a spiritual practice and a wellspring of power for manifesting. In 2010, I started the Black Gotham Experience (BGX) as a side project of my storytelling studio that used walking tours as means to study and teach the powerful less known stories of the African Diaspora in New York City. Thirteen years later, walking has become my second favorite medicine next to meditation; equal parts a spiritual quest and memoir in motion. This year, in 2023, Walking Notes returns for both in-person and virtual sessions.