Diaspora Talks at the Black Gotham Experience bring powerful conversations about the African presence in New York City since the 17th century and pairs them with food from Black restaurants reflecting the cultural diversity of the diaspora. The talks are based on our historic walks in New York City that have been in development since 2010. 

These special events are ideal for professional groups and social organizations that are interested in learning more about the the Black presence in New York City’s past and those keeping the heritage alive through culinary arts and storytelling. We have culled from a variety of local businesses that offer African, West Indian, and African American foodways. Our list is still growing.



In 2015, we started to use food at private functions to raise awareness for the Black Gotham Experience. Our close friends curated food that reflected the time period of the stories we share on our walks and media. When we moved into our studio in the Seaport District in 2017, our community wanted to have receptions after our historic walking tours. After two years of refining our system, we are excited to make these offerings public.


Let us know when you would like to book your Diaspora Talk and we will provide menu and talk options. We can accommodate groups a sit down experience up to 25 people.


Inqueries: blackgotham@kamaustudios.com