In Transition

In Transition is an exhibition framing the past, present, and future of Black Gotham Experience (BGX), established 2010, as an interactive exhibition at BGX Gallery. This exhibition is timely in two ways. One, Black Gotham Experience turns 14 on August 28th 2024 and has been in the Seaport since April 2017 making the opening of the space in the Seaport, the halfway mark of the existence of the Black Gotham Experience. Two, In Transition will pay homage to the 14 year history and underline the seven year mark by transforming the space into a showroom for the new renovation plans. The aims are cohesive. Celebrate the past, present, and make way for an even more impactful future. The context of the physical renovations demonstrate the refined business model of Black Gotham Experience centered around the making of artifacts and guiding guests through a process of embodying the history with walks – all centralized at BGX Gallery.