The BGX Team is adding to our offerings by bringing back the Classic BGX Tee. For Cyber Monday, the first 10 Black Vision Box orders will receive a free Classic BGX Tee.


The Classic BGX Tee is back in soft cotton with our signature Black Gotham Experience mark. Available in six sizes.

The Black Gotham Experience (BGX) has teamed up with Kadiatou Coulibaly from Nerdy Bae to curate our first Black Vision Box. This collection of items celebrates the theme of Black Vision Day by featuring visionary Black entrepreneurs that align with our mission to create intentional experiences at the intersection of aesthetics and scholarship to learn, heal, and remember together. The entrepreneurs selected keep in mind the importance of visibility, mindfulness and intention. 

Participating Merchants include… 


1. Black Gotham Experience: BGX Moleskine

As artists and scholars, members of the BGX community have amassed numerous journals, but the Moleskine holds a special place and will be included in our Black Vision Box. In partnership with Moleskine, our exclusive Moleskine notebook is designed with artwork derived from our BGX walk titled “Other Side of Wall Street,” made by our founder, artist, writer, and educator Kamau Ware.


2. Brooklyn Tea: Cucumber Melon Green Tea 

Co-founded by husband and wife, Jamila Wright and the official Tea Sommelier Alfonso Wright, Brooklyn Tea has emerged as a central hub for tea enthusiasts. With numerous locations throughout Brooklyn and a selection of more than 50 loose-leaf, all-natural tea options, their distinctive teas have earned notable acclaim and love. Included in our Black Vision Box is the “Cucumber Melon Green Tea,” offering you the chance to create your own personalized, refreshing brew.


3. Chaconia Candles: Hummingbird Candle 

Chaconia Candles, a sustainable small business, specializes in crafting candles and home fragrances. These products not only emit delightful scents but also contribute to mindfulness and relaxation. Founded by owner Jenna, the business has earned recognition for its premium candle offerings. Notably, our Black Vision Box features their “Hummingbird Candle,” exemplifying the quality they bring to our curated collection.


4. Mali Mudcloth Inc.: Kanaga On Black Mudcloth 

Mali Mudcloth Inc., a mother-daughter company, has been importing and selling authentic Mudcloths from Mali since 1999. These textiles are crafted by their own family in Mali, boasting unique designs in  hand-woven, organic cotton fabric. Kanaga is represented on the mudcloth. Kanaga comes from the Dogon Tribe in Mali. It symbolizes the Creator, Amma and is often represented during Dama rituals which serve to transport the souls of recent ancestors and to honor the family of the deceased.


5. Bouquet Black by Kamau Ware

An 8”x 10” original silkscreen: Black ink on paper


6. Nerdy Bae: Nerdy Bae Pin 

Nerdy Bae Pin draws inspiration from mudcloth patterns. Founded in 2019 by artist and project manager Kadiatou Coulibaby, Nerdy Bae’s purpose is to serve as a bridge between the Black/African diaspora.