Imagine leaving the Kingdom of the Kongo or the colony of Angola as a Portuguese-speaking Catholic and being kidnapped on your way to Brazil or the Caribbean by Calvinist pirates. Imagine arriving on the island of Manahatta to see animals, plant life, and people you have never seen. People who have an entirely different view on the universe and creation. Imagine the same people who brought Catholicism to your country are the same people that were taking you to Brazil or the Caribbean to work as a slave. What do you believe in on the slave ship, on the pirate ship, and while living on the island of Manahatta?

Faith plays a large role in the shaping of the 17th century. The Dutch, Spanish, French, and English are having wars with each other and within their own nations over varying views on Christianity while enslaving others. At times, becoming a Christian was a pathway out of slavery but this began to narrow as the Transatlantic Slave Trade encompasses more nations.

Imagine living in New Amsterdam where Black people were able to get married in the Dutch Reform Church in the 1640s but after the transition to New York, Black people are not allowed to be Christian. Now imagine new laws being passed that allow you to become Christian but establishes that if you were enslaved before becoming a Christian, you would remain enslaved. What would you believe in?