This Others Built New York mural is inspired by the New Yorkers who have been othered because they are different. Our great city is a better and more interesting place because others have resisted unfair discrimination. This project was created by four artists, produced by the Black Gotham Experience to celebrate World Pride and the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots in 1969, and commissioned by The Howard Hughes Corporation.

Mrs. Zukie | @zukie_art

Demetrius Felder | @broadcastlevel

Camo | @camocustomz

Kamau Ware | @kamauware

The thesis of the Others Built New York City mural is based on the Other Side of Wall Street walking tour that begins the series of Black Gotham Experience five core stories illustrating the presence and impact of the African Diaspora on New York City. 

The story we celebrate at the end of the Other Side of Wall Street is the importance of solidarity among the others that have had to fight for their human rights, whether that be your skin color, gender, or sexuality that made you othered. People of African descent, women, and the queer community’s fight for equality have defined New York City and so has their contributions. The Others Built New York mural incorporates the State of Liberty as the central character in a visual narrative that celebrates the expansion of rights that determine all are equal